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Wildlife Photography

The Big Seven

The Big Seven are the most exciting, charismatic and, in some cases, dangerous, of Africa's big game species. This book covers the lives of these animals and the authors' adventures in both words and photographs to bring the experience of tracking down the Big Seven to life. Filled with magnificent imagery and evocative text, The Big Seven is an exciting adventure from start to finish.

Photography by Gerald Hinde and text by Will Taylor

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Game Parks of South Africa

Game Parks of South Africa features 20 of the country's most famous and spectacular reserves. Photographer Gerald Hinde captures their best-known aspects and moods, their diversity of wildlife and flora, and the astonishing range of geological and climatic conditions they cover. A short introduction to each park summarises its key features and special appeal. This round-up of South Africa's world-famous game parks is a colourful memento of the country's most treasured assets - its unspoilt natural beauty and it abundant wildlife.

Big Five of Africa

The Big Five are Africa`s flagship species. Lion,leopard, rhino,elephant and buffalo are named by early hunters as the most dangerous animals to encounter on foot. Now days the majority of hunters are are armed with cameras and the photographic safari has become a significant earner for most African countries.I have been enthralled by these animals for many years and have spent many hours, days and years in the field experiencing them in different moods and behaviours. This book portrays interesting insight into these formidable yet compelling, creatures.

Africa's Big Five

Of all Africa`s wildlife none has captured the imagination more than those species that have become known as the Big Five. Lion,leopard,elephant rhino and buffalo have always been the most sought after trophies for hunters, and now the most desired quarry of the photographer or nature lover. The romance of the safari and adrenaline stirring excitement of the chase have given us some of our greatest stories of Africa. The authors of this book have experiences and insights through years of close observation and face-to-face confrontation which are conveyed here in words and photographs that will thrill the imagination.

The Very Best of African Wildlife

Think of Africa and one immediately thinks of its wild animals, birdlife and even its unusual and colorful insects. The continent's rich and incredibly varied wildlife draws visitors from around the world, and The Very Best of African Wildlife brings together the very best Africa can offer. From the Big Five - lion, leopard, buffalo, rhino and elephant - to their many equally impressive companions in the wild, this book presents an extensive overview in stunning images of what the continent has to offer.

The Waterberg

The Waterberg is a captivating and magical part of South Africa. In a sense it is both a very old and a yet a very new place too. It is rich in human history, wildlife, character and natural beauty, and yet still, comparatively speaking, off the beaten track of the everyday tourist. This is slowly changing as The Waterberg is set to become one of the biggest contiguous conservation areas in the country. All three members of the team have drawn on scientific and historical research, anecdotal observation and their personal experiences in spending time in this region. It is hoped that this mix proves as enjoyable to the readers as if they were taking a trip for themselves through the Waterberg.

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